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Young at Heart started from the inspiration of “Old People’s Home for 4 year Old’s”. It is an intergenerational club for those who are retired to exchange life’s experiences and contribute in the education of children from 6 local primary schools and a nursery school. A key factor in our “not for profit” club is combatting isolation and loneliness with the distraction of the children who join us.

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With the onset of the Covid 19 crisis, the efforts that we have made to encourage our members and enhance their lives could all be undone if we are unable to make contact. Those who join us, some of whom have dementia, will not remember us when this is over and their families will be struggling to manage. The key thing with Young at Heart is that we keep everyone busy through craft, music, baking, singing, hearing the school children read etc.  

A plan for this to continue is for Young at Heart to run via a FaceTime type set up where members could see each other and interact and the likes of music, games, cooking demonstrations could continue and faces would not be forgotten. Equally if further members would like to join us in this capacity – the more the merrier!

Currently we have a rota set up for a telephone call once a week and to deliver a slice of cake and urgent provisions on another day per week – we need the facility to offer more.

If there is anyway you could give us any type of donation towards this idea we can then get started! Time is of the essence – familiar faces is key! As we say at Young at Heart – “If you are alive keep living”.

Huge virtual hugs to you all!

Rachel, Claire, Louise, Saab, Hilary, Rachel