Photos from Tuesday’s Club Meeting

Another wonderful day at the Old Cricket Ground with some delicious food and wonderful deserts as ever.

We had the puppies over for the kindergarten children of Little Tinkers Nursery, and the members enjoyed playing some classic board games.

The picture of the children at the doors is magical – as they all watched the puppies leave.

World War II talk

Young at Heart organised for June Burrows, aged 88, to talk to the children of All Saints and St Richards School about her years growing up during World War II.

June brought along some photos of herself as a child and discussed rationing, bombing, air raid shelters, being evacuated, sweets and the lack of “gadgets”!

The children asked lots of questions and learnt a lot from her talk. What a privilege to hear these stories. We need to embrace the older generation. Their stories are heartfelt and real.

Cup Cake Day

We had  wonderful time on Tuesday focused on the Alzheimer’s Society National Cup Cake day. Alongside some students from Maynards Green Primary School we produced over 160 cupcakes that we took to the school at pickup time. Raising a not insignificant £80.50 for the charity.

Again we were blessed with great weather at the Old Heathfield Cricket Ground and also outside the school in the afternoon.

Next week we invite in Trug and Trowel run by the lovely Laura who is bringing along a selection of chutneys for everyone to sample. Check them out at

Join us in the wonderful weather

We look forward to you joining us this week for our cupcake day of baking and some more time with the year six students. The weather is looking perfect for this week and the menu below will get you excited

We have some great shots from last week below – a great day enjoyed by all.

Our official launch

We had a wonderful time at our official launch day for Young at Heart this Tuesday at the Heathfield Cricket Club

The sun was on our side and the views were amazing across to the South Downs.

Activities on the day included Peppermint cream making, an hour+ with some students from Old Heathfield Primary School, planting sunflowers and enjoying each others company.

We had a drop in from a local Wealdon councillor showing his support for the community club & ended the day with some songs backed by our resident squeezebox player.


Our Famed Pavolva

Whetting your appetites in advance of Tuesday launch

Our Famed Pavolva

We are very excited ahead of our formal launch day on Tuesday 8th May.

Food’s is one of the areas where we think we will bring a smile to your face, and to that end a rough idea of our launch menu is below.


Cold ham/salami

Side of Salmon

Cheese, leek & mushroom quiche

Roast Vegetable Couscous with feta

Salad with new potatoes


Fruit Pavlova & Apple Cake

Afternoon Tea

Victoria Sponge

Lemon Drizzle

Chocolate Cake

Make sure you bring an empty stomach and help us devour these delights.

Opening Day – Tuesday 8th May

Young at Heart LIneup

We are pleased to be announcing our opening day on Tuesday 8th May @ 10.00am.

To start with we will be running on each Tuesday in May and June to reach out to anyone interested in a free taster session.

Obviously if you like the first free session you will be welcome to come to all the other Tuesday sessions in May and June.

To book a place please email or simply call Rachel on 07971 032 667.

We look forward to welcoming you.